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New Year gift from Qulture Production & Daniel Roeth

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New album: Koan — Legends. The new album Koan consisted of 2 parts Inhale and Exhale, a collection of works 2002-2008. Formats: MP3 16 bit, FLAC/WAV 24 bit. Released 19 dec 2010. Country: Russia, Moscow. Genre: ethno lounge, electro-acoustic, ambient, downtempo, psybient, chillout. Published by Qulture Production.

Legends: INHALE

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01. Invisible Guide - 1:23
02. Forgiveness - 3:05
03. Empty Plain - 4:08
04. Fire - 0:46
05. Wandering Minestrel - 9:15
06. Unique Moment (green mix) - 6:56
07. Koan feat. Tatyana Kalmykova - Hidden Place (green mix) - 8:07
08. Underwater Moonlight (green mix) - 11:09
09. Innuendo (green mix) - 9:54
10. Spirits of the Old Lake - 10:39
11. Immortal (green mix) - 7:25
12. Wanderers From Earthsea (green mix) - 7:21
13. Night Flight on a Sea Dragon (green mix) - 5:33
14. There is No Begin, There is No end (green mix) - 3:59
15. Where the intention leads (tribute) (green mix) - 4:08
16. Inhale - 1:35

Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Release ID: QULT COM #03

Legends: EXHALE

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01. The sky - 1:05
02. Invisible Answers (green mix) - 6:08
03. Fearless - 5:41
04. Smooth Movements (green mix) - 4:21
05. Exempting From the Spell - 7:06
06. Winged Knights - 9:05
07. The Earth - 1:31
08. White Fire of Mount Kailash - 7:49
09. On the Ship of the Ninth Heaven - 5:58
10. Wing of Changes (green mix) - 4:02
11. Morgana's Amulet - 4:13
12. Avariel's Heaven City (green mix) - 9:22
13. Water - 1:12
14. Last Meeting With White Wolf (green mix) - 6:04
15. I Shall Return (tribute) (green mix) - 3:14
16. Exhale - 2:29

Duration: 1 hour 19 min
Release ID: QULT COM #04


The new album Koan consisted of 2 parts Inhale and Exhale, a collection of works 2002-2008. By means of modern computer technology the author has elegantly combined emotional and intuitive idea of beauty of traditional east and west music. Legends - a clever musical puzzle, thoroughly assembled from elements of hunch, inspired by world cinema and literature and continuous personal inner search. Each composition is penetrated with fragments of ancient legends of feudal Europe, a fabulous breath of Greater China and stern tragic legends of medieval Japan. Rhythmic pulsation of witchery and splashes of subconscious basis of all the tracks, frequency beats of dreams: the album style is in rich quality instrumental electronics, where each sound element is interweaved with hypnotic melodies of the album songs.

Written-By, Programmed By, Mixed By,Mastered By - Daniel Roeth. The designer of cover - Akkianu

Written-By — Daniel Roeth

About Koan

Koan was originally conceived as a project, working within the genre of world instrumental music. The skillful mix of east and west musical cultures, their traditional folklore, as well as rhythm and techniques of indigenous peoples of Siberia and Mesoamerica -are the foundation of the band. As a resident of label Iboga (Denmark) and Blue Tunes (Germany) the project was awarded at major international festivals (Ethno-Life, Transylvania Calling, Underwater Overground, Aurora, Fullmoon etc. ..) and many private events of chillout-domestic scene.


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